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On Friday June 22 at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City, this distrubing photograph was taken by Towel Boy. Though at the time he was "too drunk and busy kicking ass at pool", he was able to snap this shot of what appears to be The Crew's missing mascot.

As you know Mr. Box was kidnapped from ITC's Secret Air Fortress back in October 2007, 24 hours after returning from a 10 year sabbatical. His whereabouts are currently unknown, however The Oracle has this to say:

"If this is the real Mr. Box, it appears he may have eluded his captors and is once again off exploring the many possibilities that his four sides provide. However, the "papa-nazis" may have used this ploy to distract us from his true condition. Or, maybe the men in the picture are Mr. Box's captors, and he is another unfortunate victim of sympathy for them. Either way you look at it, it is fucked up."

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